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TEAM Education Trust

Careers at Heritage Park

Careers (ID 1135)

 We want to empower students to plan and manage their own future, no matter what stage of career development they are currently at. 

We will support students by, responding to their needs and interests, opening doors to experiences and  opportunities that help them to progress and to help them with opportunities/pathways for everyone to achieve success! 

We will plan a programme of activities to prepare students for their own future pathways, plan for future careers and sustain employability throughout their lives. 

We will ensure a careers curriculum where learning takes place through engaging activities that are appropriate to student’s stages of career learning, planning and development. 

We will deliver a curriculum that teaches our students skills to give them the best chance of success in the world of work. 

Ours students will receive a CEIAG provision which meets professional standards of practice and which is person-centred, aspirational, impartial and confidential. The programme will raise aspirations, challenge stereotyping and promote equality and diversity.

For more information please visit Strategic Careers Plan .