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We pride ourselves in looking after our pupils.

Uniform forms a very important part of our pupils school day and fulfils four roles:

  • It shows that we are proud to belong to our school community.
  • It shows that we are all included and valued equally.
  • It shows that our school is a place of work.
  • It is practical and safe.

Our expectations: 

  • All our pupils to wear at least one piece of uniform with the school logo on, either a polo shirt, tee shirt, sweatshirt or cardigan.
  • A plain black jumper, sweatshirt, hoodie (lace removed), polo shirt or tee shirt can be worn in addition to one logoed item.
  • All coats, jackets and non-uniform clothing must be removed on arrival.
  • Sensible shoes, preferably black.
  • Jewellery will be removed and given to staff on arrival. Items will be stored safely and returned on leaving.

How to order uniform:

Our uniform provider is Pinders Schoolwear. To order please click here.

 Ordering is done online via the Pinders Schoolwear website. There are 4 options for shipping your order:

If you need to contact Pinders about your order their telephone number is:

0114 251 3275 then option 1 for the Head Office at Aston or option 2 for the Rotherham store.

There is no direct line to the Crystal Peaks store, please use option 1 for the head office.                 

 Other information:

  • It is recommended that all uniform should contain the pupil's name.
  • There is no specific summer or winter uniform. In very hot weather the school's leadership will inform parents and carers when a plain white polo or tee shirt can be worn.
  • Hats are not specific uniform items, but it is advised on hot days to wear a hat when outside.
  • There are no second hand sales available for the school uniform. 
  • If you have any difficulty obtaining the uniform please contact school and we will try our best to help.