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Cultural Values & Equality Objectives

Since 6 April 2012, public bodies have been required to publish at least one, or more, equality objectives, and at least every four years after that.  

Heritage Park agreed that the objectives should be: 

  • specific and measurable 

  • driven across the school by pupils and staff and reflect in our curriculum and all other actions 

  • embedded within working practices to which all staff would be accountable 

  • reported annually 

Our equality objectives reflect the unique individuality of our school settings.

Heritage Park Cultural Values & Equality Objectives:

  • To promote personal development through spiritual, moral, social and cultural development through a rich range of curricular opportunities, with particular reference to issues of global, national and local equality and diversity.
  • To engage with and work alongside parents, carers and guardians to create an environment where learning reaches beyond the classroom with a series of informal and formal meetings and interactive events. 
  • To promote active listening to ensure that pupils listen to understand both themselves and others.  
  • To increase the volume of pupil voice by extending our school council to include a fair representation of all pupils in school and to develop this so that the school can operate in a shared culture of unity and belonging.

To achieve an impact with our Objectives 

The school’s Equality Objectives will seek to ensure that Fundamental British Values and Protected Characteristics are promoted within each classroom and used as a reference across the curriculum. 

Specifically, we will

  • share these objectives with all those in our school community; within the staff handbook, on our website and include them in staff induction programmes.  

  • build these into our curriculum.

  • work with parent and pupil groups to hold ourselves to account. 

  • reward those who support the achievement of these cultural values & equality objectives across both our pupil and staff groups. 

We will share these Objectives with our colleagues and seek continued improvement to enrich the opportunities available to our school.

Our Objectives will be shared with, and owned by, pupils, staff and governors.